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CAMTS Accreditation Without EMS Toolkit?

CAMTS, also known as The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems is one of the premier accreditations ambulance agencies around the country can obtain. CAMTS is a peer review organization dedicated to improving patient care and transport safety by providing a dynamic accreditation process through the development of standards, education, and services that support our vision. Started back in 1991 CAMTS reviewes ambulance agencies on various categories ranging from documentation, employee management, loop closure, patient care and many others.

EMS Toolkit's Web Based Intranet system offers those EMS Agencies attempting to become CAMTS Accredited the tools needed to make the accreditation and review process a breeze! From strong features within EMS Toolkit related around accountability, loop closurem, employee managment systems and  EMS Toolkit's innovative Performance Improvement (PI), Skills Testing (ST) and our Quality Assurance and Quality Improvment (QA/QI) tools will make the documentation CAMTS requires second nature to your day-to-day operations. EMS Toolkit offers over 60 features that will help your agency when it comes time for your CAMTS site visit such as:

  • EMS Certification Tracking for all your EMT, Paramedic Certifications and Nurse Licenses
  • Online Training where crews can earn CEU credits while viewing material online and taking graded tests
  • Classroom education tracked for every employee
  • Full Employee Management including
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Medical Records for immunizations, allergies, fit tests and more
  • Online Rig/Vehicle Checks with full loop closure for depleted stock replenishment
  • Online Corporate Policies, Employee Manuals and handbooks offering full accountability when employees read the material. Additionally, notify all employees of any changes with the click of a button
  • Full Vehicle maintenance system to track all vehicle services, accidents (MVA's) and more

To see a full General Criteria List for CAMTS Accreditation click here.

To become accredited with The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems an agency must not only apply, but also pay certain application and site visit fees. These fees are very reasonable however no-one likes paying fees more than once. EMS Toolkit gives your agency the tools and features to increase your agencies chances of being approved on the first site vist rather than subsequent visits. 

To speak with one of our representatives to find out how EMS Toolkit's Web Based Intranet System can help you with your CAMTS accreditation efforts please call us at 1-800-670-0160.

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EMS Toolkit Image EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image EMS Toolkit Image