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Web-Based EMS Scheduling Software

EMS agencies across the country have many of the same business obstacles in common. One of the most common is the need for powerful and flexible EMS Scheduling Software. The purpose of this article to is to look at the many features that the EMS Toolkit eSchedule system has to offer.


The EMS Toolkit Scheduling system is a true enterprise level system offering powerful tools for EMS agencies with as few as 30 employees to large organizations with over 1000 employees in multiple physical locations.


Our web based scheduling software allows your schedulers to quickly and easily modify and work with the existing crews on the schedule. With only a few clicks of the mouse your shifts are easily converted to "OPEN SHIFTS", then reassigned to another employee and finally that same shift can be split into multiple shifts to allow for multiple employee coverage of a single shift.


EMS Toolkit has tailored a scheduling solution to meet the demands of both large and small companies EMS Toolkit created a feature set to be compared against.

·         From Full time to Part time staff our system can schedule both those with recurring predictable patterns to those whose work schedule changes on a weekly or even daily basis.

·         Employee Time Off Submissions: Integrating directly into our scheduling system. For instance when an employee submits time off and upon supervisor/payroll approval the employee is automatically removed from the schedule

·        Part Time Employee Availability Submission: Allow your part-time employees to tell you when they are available. This will assist you in filling the "wholes" that are created by your Full Time Staff

·         Shift Bidding: Allow your staff to bid on those open shifts within the system. With full employee validation and candidate ranking you will see who is the best fit for that shift

·         Instant Fill Shifts: Allowing your staff to put themselves on the schedule to avoid time delays of supervisor approvals

·         Text Message and Email notifications to staff on open shifts within your schedule

·         And many many more!


With our web based EMS Scheduling software your agency will have the power of complete system compliance. This means our system will do the "thinking" for you and your scheduling team. We ensure schedule compliance through various checks against the employee including: Expired Certifications, Certification Mismatch (i.e. EMT working Paramedic Shift), Multiple Bookings (i.e. same employee working on the schedule for the same day in two spots during the same hours). This level of scheduling compliance will ensure your agency's schedule is filled with qualified, fresh and appropriate staff members.


With our Shift Templates, Pattern Manager and our easy to use Workload manager you will find creating your EMS Schedule to be easier than you had ever thought possible. All the tools you need will be at your fingertips to create and customize your employees scheduling.


There are a few notable EMS Scheduling companies out there today however EMS Toolkit is the only one with a fully integrated scheduling package. This means our scheduling system integrates with over 75 other features (all from a single employee login) including our Certification Tracking system and many others.

We hope this article has assisted you in learning about EMS Toolkit's Web-Based Scheduling Software. CLICK HERE to contact us today if you would like to see a short demonstration.


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EMS Toolkit Image EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image EMS Toolkit Image