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QA / QI / PI Re-Invented

EMS Toolkit has been working for some time with industry professionals to re-invent the QA/QI/PI (Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement / Performance Improvement) process. After hundreds of development hours, EMS Toolkit is proud to release our new QA/QI/PI tool.

The QA/QI/PI feature offers EMS agencies the ability to capture QA/QI/PI records for all your employees in an easy to use, highly flexible and extremely robust system. With the flexibility of this system you can utilize much of your existing QA/QI/PI processes. This means you can continue to track your:

  • Documentation issues
  • Protocol Issues
  • Treatment Issues
  • Time Management Issue
  • or ANY other criteria that you may want to pay close attention to

As with many of the EMS Toolkit features, you may create an unlimited amount of QA/QI/PI Types. Example, if you have contractual obligations to a specific municipality that required your agency to QA 100% of all calls within that township, or maybe you need to QA all Cardiac related trips, our tool offers these functions. The EMS Toolkit QA/QI/PI feature can be used to track nearly any QA scenario.

Do you need to QA 100% of all your trips, or maybe just a 20% sampling? The flexibility that comes with the EMS Toolkit QA/QI/PI system allows users to easily integrate with many of the popular CAD (computer aided dispatch) systems that are in use today. This feature allows you to create predefined queries that will automatically import your trip information directly from your CAD system on a nightly or weekly basis.

Finally, loop closure is an extreamly important aspect with all areas of EMS toolkit especially with the QA/QI/PI system.  Any items in the QA/QI/PI system can be configured to require employee feedback. This ensures if certain criteria that the employee performed did not meet your agencies standards you can quickly and easily identify why or what the issues were that prevented the employee from completing the task properly.

For more information regarding the QA/QI/PI system and how it can be used to increase the speed of your agencies QA/QI/PI process or how it can fit within your agency contact us today!

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EMS Toolkit Image EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image EMS Toolkit Image