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Transitioning From Microsoft Office Live

Microsoft has announced they will be discontinuing the Office Live product which is going to force many forward thinking EMS Agency's to quickly find alternate software programs to provide assistance with their online incident reporting, data collaboration and various tasks related to running an efficient EMS operation in today's technology world.  Microsoft has stated they will be discontinuing their Office Live product as of April 30 2012. After Office Live is no longer available EMS Agency's may transition to Microsoft's product called Office 365. Office 365 is the next generation software, however it is not without it's limitations such as; Office 365 is designed for small company's with fewer than 25 employees (Read the full article here)and unlike it's predecessor Office 365 will not be offered in a free version.

The cancellation of Microsoft Office Live is putting pressure on agency's to research and select a suitable replacement which offers similar feature sets. It is because of this reason EMS Toolkit has created limited time special pricing for those agency's needing a speedy and comprehensive migration away from Microsoft Office Live.  EMS Toolkit has been assisting both large and small agency's by offering a complete suite of integrated online tools designed exclusively for the EMS Industry such as:

  • Online Incident Reporting with built in work-flow management
  • Document Sharing/Management
  • Employee Management
  • Certification Management
  • Online Rig Check Sheets
  • Online Collaboration
  • CEU Tracking
  • Online Training
  • Agency Calendars
  • Online Scheduling
  • and 70+ Other industry specific tools and features

Click Here to learn more about our limited time special pricing and to start your migration to EMS Toolkit, the EMS industry's only complete web hosted Intranet suite!

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EMS Toolkit Image EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image
EMS Toolkit Image EMS Toolkit Image