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Biometric Time Clock Released!

EMS Toolkit is proud to announce the latest feature being deployed to the EMS Toolkit system, the Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock (FBTC).  

Built on top of the industry proven time clock technology offered currently by EMS Toolkit, our clients can now leverage the power of fingerprint recognition. Using an employee's fingerprint as their authentication method your agency will see an immediate stop to buddy punching as well as the Forced Punch rate of your employee's will drop dramatically as there is no passwords to forget or RFID card to leave "at home". 

With a simple setup which is completed within minutes your agency can have the very latest biometric technology to help govern employee time clock punching.  

With absolutely no additional service fee, our existing clients and new clients can access this state of the art feature without having to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the service.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can use our Biometric Time Clock using advanced Fingerprint Recognition at your agency tomorrow!

Vehicle Management

The EMS Toolkit Vehicle Management feature is your answer to fleet management. Quickly add your fleet, their VINs, make, model, mileage, insurance information, etc. Track their ongoing maintenance and the system will even "learn" when routine tasks should be performed and alert the appropriate team member(s) via email. This system is the basis for the Vehicle Accident Tracker feature along with many of the vehicle reports.

Area Weather

Area Weather Knowing your area's weather can assist your staff in making judgment calls throughout their time on the ambulance. EMS Toolkit gives a simple 5 day forecast feature at your fingertips so you and your staff will always know if sunny sky's are ahead.

Special Site Message

The Special Site Message feature allows management to easily place a message on EVERY page of the EMS Toolkit web based intranet. Messages can be classified into several categories such as Informational, Warning and Emergency. Additional customization of background colors, font colors and more allow you to drive home your message to the EMT's, Paramedics, Nurses and office staff at your EMS Agency.

User Account Management

The EMS Toolkit User Management feature puts you in control. With the turn-over rates within the EMS industry it is important that your information stay secure. Management staff may enable / disable access of staff emt's, paramedics, nurses or any other staff your EMS Agency may employ. You may also keep detailed demographic information, contact information and much more.

Vehicle Accident Tracker

Vehicle Accident Tracker The Vehicle Accident Tracker allows you to track every accident associated with any vehicle in the EMS Toolkit system. Track who was involved, apparent faults, details, images and video if available, police reports and more.

Work Order System

This fully functional Work Order Support System will allow you to assign "Technicians" to handle requests entered by staff. You can setup custom Primary Categories (i.e. Vehicle Problem) and Sub-Categories (i.e. Engine Problem) along with custom priorities and departments. Quickly and easily determine who the biggest consumers are in your agency and easily track incoming requests.

Agency Management

Keeping your agency information up-to-date is very important. This feature allows you to quickly notify EMS Toolkit representatives of a change with your agency whether it be a new primary contact, new access credentials or new payment methods. Your provide is very detailed to reduce the amount of times you need to wait on hold for a representative.

Configure Site Attribues (System Skins)

EMS Toolkit offers you the ability to control attributes within your EMS Intranet. Such attributes include selecting a pre-configured theme or skin, uploading your logo and much much more.

Inventory Ordering

Inventory is a huge part of the EMS industry, expecially with larger EMS Agencies with multiple locations spread miles apart. With the Inventory Ordering System your management staff can create order forms quickly and easily which staff members can then in-turn request (order) more supplies for their unit. This system send information instantly where as paper forms can get lost or take up to 1 week before the orders are filled.

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