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Biometric Time Clock Released!

EMS Toolkit is proud to announce the latest feature being deployed to the EMS Toolkit system, the Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock (FBTC).  

Built on top of the industry proven time clock technology offered currently by EMS Toolkit, our clients can now leverage the power of fingerprint recognition. Using an employee's fingerprint as their authentication method your agency will see an immediate stop to buddy punching as well as the Forced Punch rate of your employee's will drop dramatically as there is no passwords to forget or RFID card to leave "at home". 

With a simple setup which is completed within minutes your agency can have the very latest biometric technology to help govern employee time clock punching.  

With absolutely no additional service fee, our existing clients and new clients can access this state of the art feature without having to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the service.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can use our Biometric Time Clock using advanced Fingerprint Recognition at your agency tomorrow!

Web-Based EMS Scheduling Software

EMS agencies across the country have many of the same business obstacles in common. One of the most common is the need for powerful and flexible EMS Scheduling Software. The purpose of this article to is to look at the many features that the EMS Toolkit eSchedule system has to offer.


The EMS Toolkit Scheduling system is a true enterprise level system offering powerful tools for EMS agencies with as few as 30 employees to large organizations with over 1000 employees in multiple physical locations.


Our web based scheduling software allows your schedulers to quickly and easily modify and work with the existing crews on the schedule. With only a few clicks of the mouse your shifts are easily converted to "OPEN SHIFTS", then reassigned to another employee and finally that same shift can be split into multiple shifts to allow for multiple employee coverage of a single shift.


EMS Toolkit has tailored a scheduling solution to meet the demands of both large and small companies EMS Toolkit created a feature set to be compared against.

·         From Full time to Part time staff our system can schedule both those with recurring predictable patterns to those whose work schedule changes on a weekly or even daily basis.

·         Employee Time Off Submissions: Integrating directly into our scheduling system. For instance when an employee submits time off and upon supervisor/payroll approval the employee is automatically removed from the schedule

·        Part Time Employee Availability Submission: Allow your part-time employees to tell you when they are available. This will assist you in filling the "wholes" that are created by your Full Time Staff

·         Shift Bidding: Allow your staff to bid on those open shifts within the system. With full employee validation and candidate ranking you will see who is the best fit for that shift

·         Instant Fill Shifts: Allowing your staff to put themselves on the schedule to avoid time delays of supervisor approvals

·         Text Message and Email notifications to staff on open shifts within your schedule

·         And many many more!


With our web based EMS Scheduling software your agency will have the power of complete system compliance. This means our system will do the "thinking" for you and your scheduling team. We ensure schedule compliance through various checks against the employee including: Expired Certifications, Certification Mismatch (i.e. EMT working Paramedic Shift), Multiple Bookings (i.e. same employee working on the schedule for the same day in two spots during the same hours). This level of scheduling compliance will ensure your agency's schedule is filled with qualified, fresh and appropriate staff members.


With our Shift Templates, Pattern Manager and our easy to use Workload manager you will find creating your EMS Schedule to be easier than you had ever thought possible. All the tools you need will be at your fingertips to create and customize your employees scheduling.


There are a few notable EMS Scheduling companies out there today however EMS Toolkit is the only one with a fully integrated scheduling package. This means our scheduling system integrates with over 75 other features (all from a single employee login) including our Certification Tracking system and many others.

We hope this article has assisted you in learning about EMS Toolkit's Web-Based Scheduling Software. CLICK HERE to contact us today if you would like to see a short demonstration.


QA / QI / PI Re-Invented

EMS Toolkit has been working for some time with industry professionals to re-invent the QA/QI/PI (Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement / Performance Improvement) process. After hundreds of development hours, EMS Toolkit is proud to release our new QA/QI/PI tool.

The QA/QI/PI feature offers EMS agencies the ability to capture QA/QI/PI records for all your employees in an easy to use, highly flexible and extremely robust system. With the flexibility of this system you can utilize much of your existing QA/QI/PI processes. This means you can continue to track your:

  • Documentation issues
  • Protocol Issues
  • Treatment Issues
  • Time Management Issue
  • or ANY other criteria that you may want to pay close attention to

As with many of the EMS Toolkit features, you may create an unlimited amount of QA/QI/PI Types. Example, if you have contractual obligations to a specific municipality that required your agency to QA 100% of all calls within that township, or maybe you need to QA all Cardiac related trips, our tool offers these functions. The EMS Toolkit QA/QI/PI feature can be used to track nearly any QA scenario.

Do you need to QA 100% of all your trips, or maybe just a 20% sampling? The flexibility that comes with the EMS Toolkit QA/QI/PI system allows users to easily integrate with many of the popular CAD (computer aided dispatch) systems that are in use today. This feature allows you to create predefined queries that will automatically import your trip information directly from your CAD system on a nightly or weekly basis.

Finally, loop closure is an extreamly important aspect with all areas of EMS toolkit especially with the QA/QI/PI system.  Any items in the QA/QI/PI system can be configured to require employee feedback. This ensures if certain criteria that the employee performed did not meet your agencies standards you can quickly and easily identify why or what the issues were that prevented the employee from completing the task properly.

For more information regarding the QA/QI/PI system and how it can be used to increase the speed of your agencies QA/QI/PI process or how it can fit within your agency contact us today!

Satellite Real-Time Monitoring System Now Available

As EMS Toolkit continues to grow and expand its features within the EMS Web Based Intranet for Ambulance companies nationwide we are also working on creating tools never seen before at reasonable prices within the industry.

EMS Toolkit not only offers a feature rich web based intranet software solution that will literally revolutionise the way your agency does business nearly overnight but we also offer a brand new product called Satellite Real-Time Monitoring System or SRMS. SRMS is a suite of real-time monitoring products.  These products include:

  • SRMS ALERT: A fully installable software application that will allow your agency to be notified of pre-defined scenarios within your CAD or database system. Imagine instantly being notified of those "special" circumstances, or high call volume within 30 minutes or maybe too many respiratory calls within 15 minutes. The possibilities are literally endless!
  • SRMS REPORT:Go beyond a simple notification when a pre-defined scenario exists within your CAD and get the full details. SMRS REPORT allows you to not only be notified via Text Message, but also a detailed email with full data output. Imagine seeing run/tag numbers , call types, nature of calls, response times, out of chute times and more instantly when an event occurs.
  • SRMS DASHBOARD: A powerful addition to the SRMS REPORT system.  Take that same detailed email notification sent via the SRMS REPORT and place it in a fully auto refreshing EMS DASHBOARD with audible and visual notifications for new events

Contact one of our representatives today to talk about how the SRMS system can be added to your EMS Agency seamlessly to gain the full benefits tomorrow.

EMS Certification Tracking

Nearly every ambulance agency, either paid or volunteer has the responsibility of ensuring their employees have up-to-date EMS certifications.  EMS personnel are required to maintain several different certifications that require re-certification year and year, and because of this it creates a huge task for administrators to keep track of all the employee's certifications and when they expire. This is why EMS Toolkit has refined and built a fully functional and integrated EMS Certification Tracking Software solution.

Imagine this, 120 days before an employees certification is due to expire, your training officer is alerted by email, the employee is alerted by email and better yet the employee is sent a text message. This process occurs from 120 days down to 0 and every day there-after.

Penalties and fees are costly to ambulance agencies around the world, and with spot inspections from the state or even worse OEMS the odds are if your staff are providing care with an expired certification such as CPR you will get caught. EMS Certifications should not be one of your weak links.

EMS Toolkit has one of the easiest to use certification tracking systems available.  Track an unlimited amount of certifications, licenses, continued education courses and much much more.  With the easy to use reports you will always know what employees have upcoming certification expiration's along with the ability to print address labels, and certification expiration warning letters right from the software making managing employee certifications a breeze.

If you have any questions about how the EMS Toolkit Certification Tracking System can work in your agency call us today at 1-800-670-0160 and we will be happy to provide a free demonstration on how an hour with our tools, can make months of free time for you!

Custom EMS Apps

It's no secret that EMS agencies across the nation have special needs and those special need often required custom solutions that aren't readily available from a single provider/vendor. Thinking about your own agency, what excel spreadsheets have you created to solve a problem for instance, how many times have ambulances been late, how many supplies are needed for one of your ambulances, etc.  When you think about it, you've probably created too many "single" solutions and nothing is integrated into a cohesive solution that saves you time and money.

EMS Toolkit has been creating custom web-based applications that truly solve business problems for over 10 years and having created nearly 500 different custom tools we're confident that we can offer you an integrated solution that not only works beyond your expectations, but also saves you time, energy and money.

Below are just a very small sampling of the types of applications we have been able to provide to our clients over the years:

  • Dashboards integrating into their own CAD Systems (RightCad/Sanitas)
  • Delayed Ambulance E-Reports
  • Geo-Plotting Advanced Reporting for Call Density
  • Geo-Plotting Advanced Reporting for Ambulance Response Course
  • Online ordering for employee uniforms/supplies
  • Custom QA/QI Systems
  • Custom Reports
  • Patient Charting Systems
  • Online patient bill pay systems
  • and so much more.

EMS Toolkit not only has the knowledge, manpower and resources to turn your problem into a thing of the past, but we also do it for less than you can possibly imagine. With an average cost of about $500 (one time fee) you can finally have everything your agency has ever needed.

Do you have any custom applications in mind? Contact us today by phone or by email.

CAD Integration

EMS Toolkit offers many unique features which gives you and your agency advantages you never had before. Imagine a system that not only saves you time, energy and frustration but also FULLY integrates into your existing CAD System such as Zoll Data's RightCad/Sanitas and the entire Zoll Data product line.

Get the data you need in a whole new way with EMS Toolkit.  This custom integration allows you the flexability to run detailed reports that aren't included with the "standard" reports within the CAD system.  The Custom Report module is built on the proven EMS Toolkit framework allowing for delivery of information in ways never seen before.  Imagine reports delivered to you in 3D.  We have a vast inventory of animated graphs, drill down charts, and yes, 3D charts for you to analyze your data. Click Here to view a sample 3D chart example.

Imagine your employees viewing their Year-To-Date Performance statistics in comparison to the rest of the companies statistics.  Imagine showing off your custom reports at your next operations meeting or quarterly Board meeting.

Our custom reports are delivered to you in less time and less money with less aggravation than had you gone directly to the CAD vendor.

EMS Dashboards

Over the years we have found nearly every EMS and Ambulance agency in the country asks for custom built EMS Dashboards showing everything from daily employee call outs to on time performance percentages, daily volume by call type or priority, employee statistics, daily UHU (Unit Hour Utilization) and so much more.

EMS Toolkit's custom EMS Dashboards allow you to view any information you want/need. Our developers work specifically with you to discuss the details of the dashboard and what information you will want to see on it. Dashboards work a bit differently than EMS Reports and this is the very reason we spend the exrta time with you to discuss the data requirements.

EMS Toolkit can show your data in both a text-based grid format, plain text or using advanced animated charts.  With the use of these delivery methods it allows you to have the data easily read and a in format that is easy to understand.

All of our EMS Dashboards are auto refreshing to ensure the most up-to-date information is being displayed. We can customize to your needs how often the dashboard will need to be updated to deliver the most current EMS data.

For some examples of our EMS Dashboards please click here.

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