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Patient Surveys Linked Back to Crews

The Toolkit Group offers Patient Survey software to assist EMS, Fire and Police departments gather important information to help improve department performance across a host of KPI . The Patient Survey system is both flexible and robust allowing for custom questions and question categories accompanied by detailed reports. 

With the use of The Toolkit Group's Patient Survey System your department has access to industry leading features which include:

  • Unlimited Patient Surveys
  • Web-Based or Printable Surveys
  • Link Surveys to one, multiple or none of the following:
    • Crew Members Who Provided Care
    • Patient's Full Name
    • Patient's Address
    • Patient's Phone
    • Patients's Email
    • Date of Service / Trip Date
    • Run / Tag / Call or Incident Number
    • Dispatcher
    • Call Taker
    • Primary Billing Representative
  • Limit survey submissions to avoid duplicate entries for the same event from the same Patient

 Just some of the reports that accompany the Patient Survey system include:

  • Question Analysis Breakdown By Month and Year
  • Question Category Breakdown Analysis Score Report
  • Monthly Survey Score Breakdown
  • Survey Comments Analysis Report
  • Crew Averages, Trending, Benchmarking Comparison
  • and many others

Staff / Crew when associated to a survey have 24/7 access to their own statistics by survey by questions which compares their score/percentage to the company average which creates an awareness of performance by your staff members.

For more information on The Toolkit Group Patient Survey system or any of our other industry leading tools please contact us directly at 888-290-0671.

EMS Toolkit is now The Toolkit Group

It’s been an exciting few months here at EMS Toolkit as we have been preparing for some major changes at our company.  EMS Toolkit has officially re-branded and we are now The Toolkit Group.  Although our name has changed, you can rest assured that we are still the same company and remain committed to providing excellent products and services to our clients!  We will continue to support the current version of EMS Toolkit while also releasing a new version that will be known as Toolkit 2.0.  Toolkit 2.0 will bring a new look to your Toolkit, but will maintain all of the original functionality packaged in a new mobile, clean and user friendly environment.

Along with Toolkit 2.0, The Toolkit Group is also releasing Fire Toolkit, Police Toolkit and Office Toolkit. Our new product lines allow us to better serve our clients in areas outside of EMS.  All of our Toolkits will continue to provide the same single login and web based solutions designed to provide you with the tools to get the job done!

But we didn't stop there, The Toolkit Group website has also undergone a major upgrade.  We are proud of our new site and invite you take a look for yourself by going to  You will find our homepage easy to navigate with high resolution screenshots and descriptions of our new features.

Check out our Features section and see how these new features may help your organization do every day duties more efficiently. The Toolkit Group is also environmentally friendly and will help you reduce your paper clutter and save a forest, or two.

After spending time on our website, if you are as impressed as we are, and would like to get a free demo of all of our features simply click on “request a demo”, fill out the form with your agency and contact information and click submit. We will take it from there and someone will contact you to schedule your demo. 

Please take a few minutes, click the link above and browse around our new website. We are here to make your lives easier and we can provide the tools to do just that!


Stay tuned for more exciting news, because we are not done yet!

KEMSA Partners with EMS Toolkit


The Kansas EMS Association - EMS Toolkit partnership is now in place and providing KEMSA members with deep discounts.  With the new partnership in place EMS Toolkit is offering KEMSA members a savings of more than 40% off standard pricing.

EMS Toolkit has been providing web-based, Internet solutions to EMS and Fire agencies since 2009.  The Toolkit system brings a host of solutions designed specifically for EMS/Fire agencies.  Although to many to list, we have included a few examples of their proven solutions below:

  • Scheduling
  • Online Training
  • CEU & Certification Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Incident Reporting
  • Vehicle Check Sheets
  • and over 70 other industry specific tools and features

EMS Toolkit clients routinely report seeing hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year return on investments. To run your own agency through EMS Toolkit’s ROI calculator visit  


To learn more about EMS Toolkit’s proven solutions and discuss how the KEMSA – EMS Toolkit partnership can bring these solutions to your organization, please contact Kendall Boyette at 888-290-06712 or email at

New VP of Business Development

Raleigh, NC- EMS Toolkit is proud to announce that Barry Britt, BS, EMT-P, is their new Vice President of Business Development.  Barry brings over 30 years of experience in public safety to EMS Toolkit.  In his new role, Barry will be responsible for over-seeing sales team leadership, driving revenue, product review and overall growth strategies.

Prior to joining EMS Toolkit, Barry served as the Director of Business Development for EMS Management & Consultants.  During his successful tenure at EMS|MC, Barry was part of a legacy team that led EMSMC’s strategic expansion into new markets while maintaining a daily focus on customer satisfaction.  

Barry’s experience and knowledge of public safety will strengthen and enhance EMS Toolkit.  Beginning his career as paramedic in Guilford County, Barry later served as the Emergency Services Director in Moore County NC, EMS Director/Chief in Wake County NC and as an associate professor of Emergency Medical Services at Sandhills Community College.  Barry has dedicated his career to advancing the mission of public safety and has worked closely with fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies across the US to accomplish that goal. 

Brian Polackoff, President of EMS Toolkit, states “We are excited to have Barry as a part of our team and our ever growing EMS Toolkit family. His experience speaks for itself, and we look forward to capitalizing on those experiences to bring even more industry specific tools/features to our clients, as well as to future clients.”

About EMS Toolkit:

EMS Toolkit, based out of Raleigh NC, is the industry's only complete web hosted Intranet suite packaged in an easy-to-use, fully integrated system, designed and tailored specifically for EMS and fire agencies. With key features such as crew scheduling, certification tracking, online incident reporting, online education, full CEU tracking and over 75 other industry specific features, EMS Toolkit brings agencies every tool they could need. Our proven track record with assisting agencies who wish to enforce standardization across locations, preparing/renewing accreditations and enforcing both employee and management accountability speaks for itself.


For more information on EMS Toolkit please visit our web site at or contact us by phone at 888-290-0671

Biometric Time Clock Released!

EMS Toolkit is proud to announce the latest feature being deployed to the EMS Toolkit system, the Fingerprint Biometric Time Clock (FBTC).  

Built on top of the industry proven time clock technology offered currently by EMS Toolkit, our clients can now leverage the power of fingerprint recognition. Using an employee's fingerprint as their authentication method your agency will see an immediate stop to buddy punching as well as the Forced Punch rate of your employee's will drop dramatically as there is no passwords to forget or RFID card to leave "at home". 

With a simple setup which is completed within minutes your agency can have the very latest biometric technology to help govern employee time clock punching.  

With absolutely no additional service fee, our existing clients and new clients can access this state of the art feature without having to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the service.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can use our Biometric Time Clock using advanced Fingerprint Recognition at your agency tomorrow!

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

EMS Toolkit would like to thank all of our clients, friends, partners, stakeholders and everyone that helped us complete our mission in 2012! We are sad to see such a great year end but are excited and looking forward to a productive 2013. With all the help, feature requests and enhancement ideas you can expect even more feature releases and many upgrades to our existing features offering more power, integration and flexibility.

Here is a small taste of what to expect in 2013:

  • Community based services offering data exchange between EMS Toolkit Clients
  • User Group Conferences
  • Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Release 2.0
  • EMS Toolkit Release 2.0
  • Integration into various third party systems such as EPCR, Dispatch, Billing and many others
  • EMS Toolkit Market Place where clients can get discounts from vendors offering exclusive pricing to EMS Toolkit clients
  • And Much More!
Are you excited yet? We are! As EMS Toolkit continues to grow it's feature set and continues it's mission to be the most complete web-based intranet suite available today for the EMS Industry we encourage you to take a look at how we may be able to assist your agency.
Call one of our team members at 800-670-0160 option 1 to book your demo today.

EMS Toolkit Used During Hurricane Isaac Response Operations

EMS Toolkit offers a web-based solution which includes nearly 80 features such as employee scheduling, inventory management, certification tracking, educational tools such as online training along with fleet maintenance,  QA/QI and collaboration tools including text messaging features.

On August 30th 2012 EMS Agency’s received the notification they were requested to respond to the impact area of Hurricane Isaac for rescue efforts.  Among many of the responding agencies two responded with EMS Toolkit software on their smart phones and internet ready tablets.

Equipped with the EMS Toolkit web-based software these agencies were able to quickly send mass text messages to their teams regarding critical information such as response zones, mission details, fall back points, patient statuses and much more.  The immediate access to the EMS Toolkit mobile-friendly tools made private secure communications possible between team members.

Agencies have reported the use of EMS Toolkit software in response operations  has made  simultaneous communication more efficient across multiple team members. With detailed logs these agencies found there were fewer duplicate messages sent allowing rescuers to continue their search and care efforts for effectively.


If you would like more information about this topic please call Kendall Boyette at 919-300-5202 or email at


Transitioning From Microsoft Office Live

Microsoft has announced they will be discontinuing the Office Live product which is going to force many forward thinking EMS Agency's to quickly find alternate software programs to provide assistance with their online incident reporting, data collaboration and various tasks related to running an efficient EMS operation in today's technology world.  Microsoft has stated they will be discontinuing their Office Live product as of April 30 2012. After Office Live is no longer available EMS Agency's may transition to Microsoft's product called Office 365. Office 365 is the next generation software, however it is not without it's limitations such as; Office 365 is designed for small company's with fewer than 25 employees (Read the full article here)and unlike it's predecessor Office 365 will not be offered in a free version.

The cancellation of Microsoft Office Live is putting pressure on agency's to research and select a suitable replacement which offers similar feature sets. It is because of this reason EMS Toolkit has created limited time special pricing for those agency's needing a speedy and comprehensive migration away from Microsoft Office Live.  EMS Toolkit has been assisting both large and small agency's by offering a complete suite of integrated online tools designed exclusively for the EMS Industry such as:

  • Online Incident Reporting with built in work-flow management
  • Document Sharing/Management
  • Employee Management
  • Certification Management
  • Online Rig Check Sheets
  • Online Collaboration
  • CEU Tracking
  • Online Training
  • Agency Calendars
  • Online Scheduling
  • and 70+ Other industry specific tools and features

Click Here to learn more about our limited time special pricing and to start your migration to EMS Toolkit, the EMS industry's only complete web hosted Intranet suite!

New RFID Time Clock Released!

EMS Toolkit is proud to announce our newest release into the family of EMS Toolkit features; Our new RFID enabled virtual time clock to accompany our enterprise level web-based employee scheduler allows EMS agencies seeking high accountability and security around their employee time clock punches.

Below are just some of the benefits of using EMS Toolkit's RFID virtual time clock:

  • Fast, Easy and Secure Employee Time Clock Punching
  • Additional Time Clock Lock Down from the traditional "code", "cookie" or "ip address" lock down measures
  • Stops "buddy punching" in it's tracks
  • Reduces the time needed to Punch In/Out for employees
  • Cheaper, and just as effective as Biometric Clocks
  • Simple Plug N Play Installation - No configuration or setup required

We are very proud of this feature release as we have already seen agency's rapidly adopt our RFID Virtual Time Clock as their own. Contact us today for more information or to get started.


Web-Based EMS Scheduling Software

EMS agencies across the country have many of the same business obstacles in common. One of the most common is the need for powerful and flexible EMS Scheduling Software. The purpose of this article to is to look at the many features that the EMS Toolkit eSchedule system has to offer.


The EMS Toolkit Scheduling system is a true enterprise level system offering powerful tools for EMS agencies with as few as 30 employees to large organizations with over 1000 employees in multiple physical locations.


Our web based scheduling software allows your schedulers to quickly and easily modify and work with the existing crews on the schedule. With only a few clicks of the mouse your shifts are easily converted to "OPEN SHIFTS", then reassigned to another employee and finally that same shift can be split into multiple shifts to allow for multiple employee coverage of a single shift.


EMS Toolkit has tailored a scheduling solution to meet the demands of both large and small companies EMS Toolkit created a feature set to be compared against.

·         From Full time to Part time staff our system can schedule both those with recurring predictable patterns to those whose work schedule changes on a weekly or even daily basis.

·         Employee Time Off Submissions: Integrating directly into our scheduling system. For instance when an employee submits time off and upon supervisor/payroll approval the employee is automatically removed from the schedule

·        Part Time Employee Availability Submission: Allow your part-time employees to tell you when they are available. This will assist you in filling the "wholes" that are created by your Full Time Staff

·         Shift Bidding: Allow your staff to bid on those open shifts within the system. With full employee validation and candidate ranking you will see who is the best fit for that shift

·         Instant Fill Shifts: Allowing your staff to put themselves on the schedule to avoid time delays of supervisor approvals

·         Text Message and Email notifications to staff on open shifts within your schedule

·         And many many more!


With our web based EMS Scheduling software your agency will have the power of complete system compliance. This means our system will do the "thinking" for you and your scheduling team. We ensure schedule compliance through various checks against the employee including: Expired Certifications, Certification Mismatch (i.e. EMT working Paramedic Shift), Multiple Bookings (i.e. same employee working on the schedule for the same day in two spots during the same hours). This level of scheduling compliance will ensure your agency's schedule is filled with qualified, fresh and appropriate staff members.


With our Shift Templates, Pattern Manager and our easy to use Workload manager you will find creating your EMS Schedule to be easier than you had ever thought possible. All the tools you need will be at your fingertips to create and customize your employees scheduling.


There are a few notable EMS Scheduling companies out there today however EMS Toolkit is the only one with a fully integrated scheduling package. This means our scheduling system integrates with over 75 other features (all from a single employee login) including our Certification Tracking system and many others.

We hope this article has assisted you in learning about EMS Toolkit's Web-Based Scheduling Software. CLICK HERE to contact us today if you would like to see a short demonstration.


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